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About us

We respect traditional values, but constantly keep our eyes open for new things and solutions. We like breaking away from conventions because our passion is fueled by the questioning of the usual, researching, experimenting and trying out all the possible solutions out there.

Our story

Legend is about Feruccio Lamborghini who originally worked in tractor manufacturing. Once he realized that Ferraris could be quieter if another, more fitting technical solution was used in their couplings. He could not really convince Enzo Ferrari, so he had no other choice but to put through the idea himself. And so the first Lamborghini was made.

It all began quite similarly, with an enthusiastic go-kart racer who had aspired to rest between races in a convenient motorhome.

The founder of Dembell was a character who really went all the way if something occurred to him.

He checked every available motorhome model on the European market and he kept raising questions. While searching for answers he had realized that there were several development areas, where better solutions could be used. Thus he decided to find the right ones.


Our models

Experience land yachting. We will help you in finding the right model for you. Reach out, write us your needs. Our sales director will contact you shortly.

Our models