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the motorhome

“A real gentleman is characterized by sporty and relaxed elegance. Just like golfers are.

They do not play on the field wearing suits,
yet they are extremely elegant.”

High standards

We keep our extra list short. Each of our model gets all the high class equipment that we use as standard. Here are some examples:

Refinement and

loose elegance

We created the most cleared-out look possible. What does it mean in practice?

The exterior of the vehicle was brought completely into one plane with minimal divisions, just like the side panels.

We hid all the frames, the protruding parts, the windows and even the door handles.
We used hidden hinges as well.

loose elegance

People centric

The split air conditioners provide the comfortable feeling of warmth, aesthetically built into the suspended ceiling. Their function permits the dispersion of cool air into the interior rather than blowing it onto a concentrated spot.
The cooling system has two zones: the temperatures of the lounge and the kitchen parts, and the bedroom can be adjusted separately.
Heating and utility hot water supply are ensured by a hybrid boiler that can be operated with diesel oil and electrically. Upon winterizing, the electricity can provide a constant temperature of 5 °C in the motorhome, completely excluding any chance of freezing.
The motorhome’s power uptake of 25-30A is roughly identical to that of a detached house. To ensure continuity of supply, we have developed our own smart electrical system. Its central element – an 8 kW inverter – is capable of current uptake from multiple sources: the external connectors, the batteries the photovoltaic panels on the roof, and the generator.
Thanks to the smart home network, the doors, heating, lights, and window blinds can also be regulated remotely, just as the filling levels of the tanks and the level of power supply can also be checked remotely.
The heating has been implemented like that of a comfortable apartment with underfloor heating and radiators. The system has three zones: the temperatures of the lounge and the kitchen parts, the bathroom, and the bedroom can be adjusted separately. The underfloor heating switches on and off automatically according to the external temperature, and the radiator heating can be regulated with a thermostat.

We use deeply deliberate and modern technical constructions from both an engineering and a user point of view.

We also dared to introduce several technical innovations. The central heating system for example, is designed like it is in a family house: underfloor and radiator heating, even supplemented with surface-heated side and skylight windows.

Our models

Satisfying all needs, fulfilling all desires. Different solutions to suit different needs. Choose the one that fits you best, and create your own, exclusive model.

Feel free to take your motorbike, quad or bicycle in the side storage and explore the neighbourhood on two wheels. A space utilization and layout allowing you to furnish your motorhome most flexible ways.

Explore nearby cities in luxurious comfort! This model is the best compromise: easy to furnish and able to carry a small and practical car like a Smart without taking up any space from the bedroom above it.

It is for travellers who are passionate about their cars, but don’t want to give up comfort either. Not only there is enough space in the garage for cars 4 meters long, but the bedroom above it remains comfortable too. The size of the garage may be increased upon individual request.



Experience land yachting. We will help you in finding the right model for you.