Welcome to Dembell

Model with
side storage

Feel free to take your motorbike, quad or bicycle in the side storage and explore the neighbourhood on two wheels.

A space utilization and layout allowing you to furnish your motorhome most flexible ways.

The exterior


The unique exterior was brought completely in to one plane with minimal divisions, just like the side panels. We hid all the frames, the protruding parts, the windows and even the door handles. As a trademark, Dembell red colored stripes run ont he sides of the motorhome.


We keep our extra list short. Each of our model gets all the high class equipment that we use as standard.

High standards

Find your style

Choose a color option that fits you

Choose your motorhome’s unique color and favorite hue from the best paints available in the market! The clearcoat layer of the paintwork is applied using a dry technology, resulting in a total coating thickness of 250-350 microns. If you choose a metallic color, it will be applied in three coats, sprayed on a basecoat.

If you choose nacreous coating as an extra, one pearl-colored layer will be sprayed on three basecoats. At the end of the process, four layers of clearcoat are used to cover both versions, applied in two times two layers, with sanding in-between and one-day drying time.

Generous dimensions thanks to the Slide-Out. A central heating system with local thermostat, a 1.8x2m double bed and large wardrobes for your comfort.
The toilet and shower cabinet with comfortable size are separated, and the washbasin is on the other side of the corridor. Besides underfloor heating there is also an automatically regulated towel drying radiator. The coverings are made of stone, the sink and the toilet are ceramic.
The elegance of the kitchen is ensured by the Miele kitchen appliances.
Generous dimensions thanks to the two Slide-Outs. With a unique innovation the floor level is the same in the entire vehicle with an internal height of 2.05 meters.
Comfortable seats
The cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis includes all the existing extras. Four separate air-conditioned carseats with built-in air spring system and massage function.

Calm sleep
The last two rows of seats and a queen size bed with an electronic elevator are in-house developments. Unique upholstered plastic parts everywhere.

Home is where


We created a yacht-like atmosphere working on with an Italian studio that previously also designed the interiors of Azimut yachts.The floorplan is clean and clever for the maximum space.

You take it

Main technical

The split air conditioners provide the comfortable feeling of warmth, aesthetically built into the suspended ceiling. Their function permits the dispersion of cool air into the interior rather than blowing it onto a concentrated spot. The cooling system has two zones: the temperatures of the lounge and the kitchen parts, and the bedroom can be adjusted separately.
Heating and utility hot water supply are ensured by a hybrid boiler that can be operated with diesel oil and electrically. Upon winterizing, the electricity can provide a constant temperature of 5 °C in the motorhome, completely excluding any chance of freezing.
Thanks to one of the largest (1000 liter) automatically filling water tanks available in the market, there are no worries about water running out while showering. The built-in UV antibacterial water purification system ensures you can even drink from the stored water safely. The 460-liter grey water tank and the 400-liter blackwater tank are among the largest in the market. Both are heated and thermally insulated, saving the water from freezing even in winter.
The motorhome’s power uptake of 25-30A is roughly identical to that of a detached house. To ensure continuity of supply, we have developed our own smart electrical system. Its central element – an 8 kW inverter – is capable of current uptake from multiple sources: the external connectors, the batteries the photovoltaic panels on the roof, and the generator.
With the Leave Home switch makes it available to deactivate all the lights and other loads upon leaving the vehicle. With the Home Off switch next to it, even the heating-cooling systems can be deactivated, maintaining a constant temperature of 5 °C in the motorhome.
Thanks to the smart home network, the doors, heating, lights, and window blinds can also be regulated remotely, just as the filling levels of the tanks and the level of power supply can also be checked remotely.
The heating has been implemented like that of a comfortable apartment with underfloor heating and radiators. The system has three zones: the temperatures of the lounge and the kitchen parts, the bathroom, and the bedroom can be adjusted separately. The underfloor heating switches on and off automatically according to the external temperature, and the radiator heating can be regulated with a thermostat.
People centric engineering.

We use deeply deliberate and modern technical constructions from both an engineering and a user point of view. We also dared to introduce several technical innovations.




Hydraulic Slide-Outs
3 pcs. in side storage model in the front on the right side in the front rear on the left side.


Bottom luggage compartments
Fully insulated, felt covered, with heating, lighting, electric door lock, without door handle

Sun visor

Sun visor

600×350 cm Integrated in the side wall of the vehicle with automatic wind sensor LED lighting without outrigger leg. For up to 39 kmph windspeed


With pneumatic suspension and massage function


Electric window lift system
In cabin doors

Heated, made of tinted composite glass

Skylight in the cockpit
Electrically operated. With blinds and mosquito net

Real glass window
Integrated into the plane of the vehicle, can be opened, thermally insulated

Heat-insulated, with electrically operated blinds, window heating option 

Stairs and doors

Tilting side stairs
Electrically operated TÜV certified, EU type approval

Entrance door
with servo locking

Middle box doors
with servo locking


Daytime running light/curve light


Auxiliary chassis made of galvanized steel profiles. MB Actros 2553 LLL 6×2 390 kW (530 PS) Euro VI engine, 2600 Nm

Made of stainless steel. Insulated sandwich panel roof, floor plate, side walls. Side walls with 3mm aluminium casing


Diesel, Six-cylinder, With turbocharger, Charge air cooling and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

Particulate filter
With SCR catalytic converter, 12,800 cm3, 390 kW/530 HP,1800 RPM, EURO VI, 2600 Nm, 1100 RPM

Braking system
Electropneumatic (EPB), ABS, ASR and ESP

Engine brake

High performance

Pneumatic suspension
Gear box
Automatic 12-speed, Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3

Diesel: 390 l, AdBlue: 60 l

Secondary water retarder
for iVm with CCS1I

Steering wheel
multi-function, with immobilizer, with leather cover, power-assisted steering, adjustable steering column

Wheel rims
8 pcs. aluminium, ALCOA Dura Bright 11.75×22.5” VA/9” x 22.5” HA / 11.75×22.5”

Hydraulic outriggers
4 pcs. automatic horizontal adjusting of vehicle, with LCD monitor


Differential lock

Air conditioning
automatic in the driver’s cabin

Lane departure warning + active brake assist (emergency brake assist)

Remote assistant
including start-stop in traffic and monitoring assistant

Adaptive Cruise control

Outdoor temperature display

Electronic anti-theft/immobilizer system

FM radio RDS-EON, MW, LW, KW, front AUX port, bluetoothhands-free system

Truck navigation
The system (takes into account the length /width/height/weight of the vehicle)The MB-Predictive Powertrain Control supports adaptive cruise control based on GPS data from the navigation system and taking into account the topography

Camera monitor system
Brigade electronics BN360-200 for large rigid vehicles26 cm (10.4”) LCD TFT monitor vertical orientation, four pcs. of 180° cameras active from 0 to 30 kmph, does not distract the driver’s attention at higher speeds

Front door lock
electrically operated control options: pushbutton, fingerprint sensor or card


Interior furniture
Italian design: real wood veneer, veneered interior, multiple colour options, real wood floor finish.With electric locks that close automatically when the vehicle is started.

1800×2000 mm bed with spring-mattress according to individual needs for the highest comfort. Bedding with logo.

Living area
Removable carpet

Genuine ceramic and glass, with anti-crash stainless steel spikes in the cabinets


Kitchen floor
Covered with genuine wood

Made of tempered glass

Back wall
Wood veneer

Real wood veneer, veneered interior, several colours to choose from, Italian design

Extractor hood 
with external socket MIELE DA2360

Induction hob
MIELE, two zones, 230 V

Refrigerator and freezer
LIEBHERR, net refrigerating volume 184 litres, net freezing volume 59 litres

Combi oven
MIELE, microwave/hot air

Kitchen hood
MIELE, with external outlet

Microwave/ Hot air oven


Wall covering
Corian bath


Uniquely designed bathroom mirror with round lighting, beautifying mirror with lighting

Bathroom accessories

Heated, Covering of genuine lacquered wood

Towel drying radiator


Washing machine

Tumble dryer


TV in the living area
50” flat screen LED TV, Ultra HD, 4K

HARMAN KARDON, with bluetooth connection

Ceiling speakers
BOSE VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE 591 ceiling speakers, 2 pcs.


24V energy storage system, Board batteries 4Å~25.9V/130Ah(520Ah) with mechanical isolating switches, intelligent charge/load isolation.

On-the-go charging of board batteries
With 140A charging current, with intelligent control, power supply for a group of 230V consumers from a sinusoidal inverter with a power output of 6500-13000 W

Stationary start batteries
With 16A charging current with intelligent controlwhen the vehicle is stationary

Power supply
Each 230V supply and output circuit of the vehicle is protected by a residual-current device, its 24/12V circuits are protected by a fuse.
2×230 V/16A power supply (Priority + Alternative) from shoreside + generator’s Auto Start/Stop system. Priority supply can be set between 1-16 A. Board batteries have a maximum charging current of 200 A.

Solar system
Full monitoring/controlling with touch screen display
10” in the living area and 10″ tablet7″ in the living room cab, accessible from remote devices (mobile phone, tablet). 

Lighting circuits with dimming control
soft on/off.


Diesel generaton
ONAN, 4.8 kW, 230 V, 2400 RPM

two cylinder KUBOTA diesel engine, water-cooled, with cooling/fan unit, built-in sound-insulated box, exhaust system

Control panel
LCD control panel in external storage compartment

Air conditioning

Air conditioning
FUJITSU duct-type, circular concealed air supply

Multi split air conditioner
FUJITSU duct-type, multi split air conditioner 6.8 kW, R410A Invert, heat pump

Sleeping area indoor unit
cooling: 3.5 kW, heating: 4.1 kW

Living area indoor unit
cooling: 4.3 kW, heating: 5.0 kW


SCHEER MH 10/17 Hybrid combi boiler, heat output: 10,000/17,000W, Automatic burn control for max. 3,000 metres above sea level(9,842 feet), 100% soot less burning, efficiency: approximately 92%, built-in, buffer tank for hot water preparation with constant temperature

Temperature control
In each room

In each room (towel drying radiator in the bathroom)

Underfloor heating
In the living area, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area

Storage rooms and garage heating

Electric heating
230 V/1000 – 2000 W, (if the vehicle is connected to an external electrical system, heating to a moderate temperature can also be achieved electrically)

Water supply

Fresh water tank
capacity: 1,000 liters (264.17 US gallons), filling of the fresh water tank with GARDENA®, connection in the storage compartment, automatic level control,  water disinfection equipment (UV lamp) installed in the water tank, 18.9 l/min, 3.8-4.5 bar water pressure pump

Fresh water tank in the storage compartment
with GARDENA® connection and automatic level control, Water disinfection device (UV lamp), built into the water tank.

Grey water tank
capacity: 460 l (121.5 US gallons), insulated and heated, 1.5” connection,
the drain valve can be controlled from the inside

With a delivery rate of 18.9 l / min and with 3.8 – 4.5 bar water pressure

Toilet tank
capacity 400 litres (105.7 US gallons), insulated and heated, with 3” connection, the drain valve can be controlled from the inside


The highest category “A” AXALTA metallic paint on the entire vehicle, three-layer metallic paint, four-layer anti-graffiti crystal lacquer


Unique design

Custom combination of internal and external colours

Leather covered dashboard elements
In beige colour

Insulated side walls
backwards from column B
Textil cover

Bed in the cab

Double bed in the cab
electrically operated 1550×2000 mm cold foam mattress textile wall covering custom storage compartment

Sun visor

Sun visor
630×350 cm integrated in the side wall of the vehicle with automatic wind sensor LED lighting without out rigger leg for up to 39 kmph wind speed
600×300 cm integrated in the side wall of the vehicle with electrical Valance function automatic wind sensor. LED lighting without outrigger leg for up to 39 kmph wind speed
without designation BRUSTOR and Dembell


Rotatable second row of seats in the cockpit*
2 pcs. GRAMMER comfort seats with: leather cover, integrated three-point seat belt, height and tilt adjustment, seat cushion depth adjustment, armrests and integrated headrest, seat heating and seat ventilation.
*Windows in the cockpit next to the auxiliary seats on the right and left side cannot be opened


Mosquito net on the entrance door

Snow chain for the driving wheel

Alloy wheels
385/55 R22.5 front axle

Drag hook
3500 kg, 12 V socket

Load distribution plates
4 pcs. for 400×400 mm sleepers, for loose ground, 40 mm high, 10t load capacity, 6 kg/pcs.


Motorhome cabin without designation 2553 and ACTROS


Induction hob
MIELE, four zones, 230 V


TECMA BREEZE, clean and modern design, extremely silent operation, easy and fast installation, reliable operation, high quality components, integrated bidet
TECMA E-BREEZE, electronic bidet features, Posterior, feminine and ‘kids’ cleaning program, Massage function, Heated seat with variable temperature setting, Warm water with variable temperature setting, Dryer, Deodorised, Function IIP (intensiveimpulse pulsation). Variable spray, Automatic cleansing of the wands

Rain shower


HARMAN KARDON Citation Amp multiroom amplifier Two BOSE 791® II Virtually Invisible® ceiling speakersBOSE Bass Module 500B subwoofer

Satellite reception system
OYSTER V 85 Vision Twin, 85 cm parabolic antenna, fully automatic adjustment, control panel

Wi-Fi router
OYSTER Connect, with SIM card adapter

Repeater unit for remote access

Multimedia system
JVC KW-R930BT 2DIN, with Bluetooth, CD/USB/AUX


A total capacity 600 Ah or 800 Ah
VICTRON Quattro 24/8000/200-100/100 charger/sine wave inverter combination, charging power 24 V/max. 200 A, external power supply connection adjustable between 2-16 A, sinusoidal inverter with 24 – 230 V/6500 VA, Colour Control GX panel, three lithium batteries, LFP smart 25.9/200 A

3x or 4x or 5x or 6x Lithium batteriesLFP smart 25.9/200 A
total capacity 600Ah or 800 Ah or 1000 Ah or 1200 Ah

Solar system
3×330 W 

Phone chargers
induction-type, integrated in the bedside table, 2 pcs.

Central vacuum cleaner

Ultrasonic alarm system
With door/storage area opening sensors, interior protection, can be deactivated with remote control

CO sensor
HONEYWELL, in the sleeping area and living area

Additional reverse lights, four mounted on the vehicle chassis

Electric mosquito nets and blinds


Diesel generator
FISCHER PANDA, 5 kW, 230 V, 2200-2800 RPM


Diesel generator
FISCHER PANDA, 5 kW, 230 V, 2200-2800 RPM


Telescopic, 4.1 m straight + ladder fixing in the garage

Foldable, multifunctional telescopic aluminium ladder,
280 to 560 cm + ladder fixing in the garage

Support structure
For two bicycles in the rear garage with floor rails

Middle box doors
with unlock button

Extra cooler
built into the door

Middle box doors
in the storage compartment

Fire extinguisher
2 kg

Scooter holder
With electric winch, including brackets and ramp

Hydraulic pusher
3 pcs. with pneumatic, sealing system in the rear left


Heated side windows and skylights for even more comfort

Water supply

Positioning camera for an electric wastewater drain valve


The highest category “A” AXALTA metallic paint on the entire vehicle, three-layer metallic pearl paint, four-layer anti-graffiti crystal lacquer



Experience land yachting. We will help you in finding the right model for you.